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Freitag, 10. Juni 2011, 21:49

Buchhinweis: Is Vasectomy Worth the Risk? A Physician's Case Against Vasectomania

1993, Autor: H. J. Roberts
Das Buch kann bei Amazon bestellt werden. ISBN: 0963326023

"Iatrogenic illnesses" are physician-caused ailments. Dr. Roberts' pioneer studies have pointed to one of the largest of such epidemics ever produced--vasectomy. We are fortunate to have a book like this. Modern medicine has not been geared towards following up the results of its own procedures...It is a vitally necessary book for anyone contemplating vasectomy. -- CCL News

Dr. Roberts summarizes and updates three decades of disturbing observations and extensive research for the general reader . Unfortunately, his warnings about this "simple" operation have not been heeded by the medical profession or contraceptive counselors...especially the PROFOUND AND CHRONIC IMMUNOLOGICAL CHANGES it induces, and the striking increase of PROSTATE CANCER in large prospective and retrospective studies. The result: MILLIONS OF HEALTHY YOUNG MEN IN THE UNITED STATES CONTINUE TO CONSENT TO VASECTOMY WITHOUT HAVING BEEN FULLY AND PROPERLY INFORMED! Some of the clinical consequences are a unique form of arthritis, blood clots, allergies, rashes, and recurrent infections. Dr. Roberts' studies were pursued without any governmental or institutional grant, thereby maintaining his professional autonomy and objectivity. They have NOT been influenced in any way by political, social or religious organizations having agendas of birth control and family planning. -- From the publisher